Services for Accounting Channel Vendors

Accounting Edge Marketing is innovative; we develop integrated marketing communications plans and provide services that get results. We are mindful of budgets and know how to build a plan that reaches the target market, elevates awareness in the channel and moves contacts deeper in to the sales funnel to speed conversion. Through analysis and strategic planning we identify, define and carry out informed action plans that achieve goals.

Branding in the Accounting Channel

Branding (a company’s identity), helps contacts, prospects and leads benchmark a company’s products and services against competitors in the channel. We are experienced in helping clients with all aspects of branding such as the creation of a new brand and identity guidelines, initiatives that reinforce or elevate a brand, increasing brand awareness and bringing brands to market. When branding initiatives are handled well a company’s image is bolstered and growth happens.

Branding services

  • Research and insights
  • Creative platform analyses
  • Communications strategy
  • Content development
  • Digital and social media
  • Thought-leadership initiatives
  • Advertising and media campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Public and media relations
  • Events
  • Mobile marketing
  • Industry analyst and influencer relations

Company Logo & Identity for Accounting Channel Vendors

Your company name and logo are the most visible elements in the channel. Your logo and identity, the impression contacts, prospects and leads have when examining your offerings versus your competitors in the space, should communicate an intentional impression. Our executives and highly experienced design experts are skilled in transforming your spoken word into images and an identity.

Logo and identity services

  • Branding exercise and design
  • Identity guidelines and systems
  • Creation of sales collateral (e.g. brochure, case study, White Paper, etc.)
  • Creation of branding (e.g. signage, events, trade shows, events, etc.)
  • Advertising concepts (e.g. sales collateral, online and print initiatives, etc.)

Public Relations for Accounting Channel Vendors

We are experienced in presenting a company to media, thought-leaders and bloggers employing strategic initiatives that the company and product profile in the greater accounting channel. We are your trusted advisor for all things PR in the accounting channel; we provide insight and strategic recommendations based on our long history serving the channel.

Public relations services

  • Media relations, monitoring and analysis
  • Blogger relations
  • Thought-leadership relations
  • Coaching in the following areas:
    • Media meetings
    • Press Conferences
    • Crisis communication

Marketing for Accounting Channel Vendors

Marketing is often the first area to experience budget reductions when sales or revenue goals are missed. Therefore, we also understand the importance of ensuring marketing initiatives are tied to real leads. Ideally, marketing initiatives attract prospects that convert quickly and stay onboard for long-term. We work with the budget you have, leveraging our experience to ensure the initiatives we deliver get the results needed.

Marketing services

  • Market and marketing analysis
  • Social media
  • Lead development and nurturing
  • Content and collateral development (brochures, product slicks, sales tools, articles, White Papers, Case Studies, social media posts, infographics, etc.)
  • Branding and positioning
  • Advertising (messaging, design and placement)
  • Trade shows and events
  • Video (product demo’s, vLog, executive statements, testimonials, company overview, etc.)
  • Newsletter
  • PowerPoint
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Branded items
  • Website (creation, content review, SEO evaluation)
  • Brochures, sell sheets and sales tools
  • Webinars/podcasts

Digital Marketing for Accounting Channel Vendors

Any online initiative (e.g. email marketing, advertising, Google AdWords, or remarketing through various online outlets such as Google or Social Media sites) is classified as digital marketing. The goal of digital marketing may include results such as higher (qualified) volume of traffic to your website, increase in the amount of product demonstrations, webinar or event attendees or an increase in the number of calls/ emails into your sales team. We work to explore the options that deliver the greatest results, testing and measuring along the way to ensure continued investment into each initiative is warranted.

Digital marketing services

  • Examination of existing and/or prior digital marketing initiatives
  • Social Media presence and Social Media Remarketing initiatives
  • Website development and user experience
  • Advertising
  • Anonymous website visitor traffic reporting and analysis
  • Mobile marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing and Remarketing

Social Media for Accounting Channel Vendors

Social media can be an effective tool to drive engagement with clients as well as provide a platform through which prospects can observe the vendor’s community. Launching and/or managing a social media initiative is a strategic undertaking; this requires attention to detail, timely posts and response to comments when response is needed. Our expertise in the development of content coupled with an intentional build-out of content and conversations ensures accounting channel vendors are creating that community space where insight is shared and relationships nurtured.

Social media services

  • Creation or improvement of identity on popular platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Design
  • Content creation (general posts, tweets, articles, blog posts, etc.)
  • Posting, monitoring and reporting

Thought-leadership Relations for Accounting Channel Vendors

Building relationships with channel thought-leaders can be very important. It is key that the thought-leaders that cover your area of the channel know who you are, have a solid understanding of what you can provide and an in-depth knowledge of what your customers want. Let the experts at Accounting Edge Marketing work to develop relationships with you and the thought-leaders who cover the channel.

Thought-leadership relations services

  • Relationship management, meetings when and where it is deemed appropriate
  • Briefing updates
  • Submissions for product or service reviews
  • Company profile on media outlet sites
  • Thought-leadership consultation, recommendations for improving relations