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Social Media Best Practices Checklist

A quick reference check-list to help you make the most of your presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, the two most followed social media sites for business users.

‚Äč- Personal branding opportunities

- Build a following for company pages
- Posting articles and content
- The role of employees on social media


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Tips for Optimizing your Website
SEO of websites refers to the task of working towards increasing the number of clicks to a website by target visitors by means of search engines. The technique of optimizing is the process of managing initiatives to attain higher search engine rankings via changes to a site and marketing practices to make the site and its content more visible in search engine appeal.

Search engines employ web crawlers (i.e. Googlebot) that crawl websites searching for keywords, updated relevant content, and much more. To ensure your website is web-crawler friendly, the technical, design, content, and marketing aspects must be analyzed and addressed.

Search engines are continuously changing their algorithms impacting how they crawl and index content and websites for the purpose of providing the most accurate search results for their users. These website optimizing tips are provided as general guidelines and recommendations.

If you are interested in learning more about analyzing your website using SEO Website Analysis Services from Edge, please contact us.

Review this handout to learn more about optimizing your website, including:

  • Title Pages
  • Site structure
  • Link naming
  • Linking
  • Site map
  • Feeds: Twitter, blog, news
  • Case studies, press releases, articles
  • Sitemap to Google
  • Registering with Search Engines
  • Registering with GoogleNews


Top 10 Social Networking Tips
Now is the right time to get involved in social networking marketing, however understanding which sites offer the most appropriate venue for your company may be a mystery.  Paring your company's goals with the platform and strengths of select social networking sites can equate to an increase in conversions, a.k.a., shortened more effective sales funnel.

Investigating your options, preparing a strategy, and making the commitment to consistency of effort is what it will take to be successful, which is the same approach you may have had to take in a host of other business initiatives. Simply jumping in for the sake of getting your feet wet is not a strategic social networking tactic.

Do research to gain an understanding of your options, match options with goals, and consider launching initiatives through multiple outlets. Slow and steady wins the race. Social networking is here to stay, develop a strategy and set the wheels in motion to take advantage of all this has to offer.   Consider these marketing and PR social networking best practices.


Increase ROI at your next event! Trade Show Tips
There are simple steps your company can take to ensure your next event attracts more warm leads that result in increased sales.  From setting goals, identifying messages, staffing, and engaging the attendees, preparation can begin today to ensure greater success.


Press Release Tips
Press releases are a leading PR tactic used to place your company's breaking news in front of those who can write articles, news briefs, and product reviews.  Clearly stating the news up front, keeping it simple, and providing the content desired by members of the media will help your company generate positive PR buzz.


Know Your Trade Show Booth Etiquette
Investing in exhibiting at an event is a commitment of time, resources, and personnel. From staff training, dress code, staff hours and booth set up, to greeting attendees, and body language, knowing your booth etiquette and properly preparing your staff will help to ensure your next event is a great success.


EXHIBITORS - How to Use The Edge Room
Learn what The Edge Room offers exhibitors and members of the media.  Learn how to access The Edge Room, how to update your company profile, how to upload your logo, files, and how to gain more visibility with the media.


MEDIA - How to Use The Edge Room
Learn what The Edge Room offers members of the media and exhibitors. Learn how to access The Edge Room and how to update your profile and how to explore the industry's news by keyword or by exhibitor. As a member of the media, your unique username and password gives you exclusive access to research breaking news as it unfolds around major industry events!