The Team

Accounting Edge Marketing employs executives who have extensive experience serving the marketing and public relations needs of businesses selling products and services in the accounting channel. If reaching your best prospects in this channel and getting them to convert to customers is your goal, our experience in this space makes us uniquely qualified to serve your marketing and PR needs better than any other alternative.

We speak the language of the accounting channel; we know how to market to accountants, tax professionals and bookkeepers. Regardless of the size or location of solo practitioners, small, medium or large firms you target, we have the expertise to develop a strategic integrated marketing communication plan that reaches decision-makers.

Amy Juers
Melanie Brenneman
Vicki LaBrosse
Jennifer Marsnik
Nicolle Martin
Megan Miller
Cindy Moen
Tanya Amyote
Amy Juers

On a daily basis Amy enjoys sharing her 20+ years of strategic marketing and public relations insight with her team and clients from all over the world. Often lighthearted and, when necessary, all too serious, Amy is extremely cognizant of the future of the company and the successes of Edge clients.

Finding time to be a CEO, consultant, hockey mom, soccer mom and slalom ski mom as well as co-owner, operator and sommelier of Orchard Trail Winery (not sold in stores) is not always easy for Amy. There are many days when she wants to have a clone . . . and at the rate of technological advancement, perhaps that day is not too far away!

Prior to leading Edge Legal Marketing, Amy served as president of LegalVoice for three years and director of marketing at Quorum (now part of Kroll Ontrack) for five years. Amy earned her Bachelor of Science in business from the University of Minnesota – Duluth and a master’s degree in business and management information systems from Metropolitan State University. In her free time Amy serves as executive director of Women in eDiscovery.

Melanie Brenneman

Melanie joined Edge Legal Marketing in 2010 after an in-house career focused on public relations, marketing and communications for private and publically traded technology companies. As senior account manager, she helps organizations successfully market their solutions to law firms, corporate law departments and accounting firms. A typical day for her can include everything from strategic planning to analyzing email or social media performance to drafting that urgent press release you just told her about five minutes ago. It is all about results.

Melanie’s colleagues would say that she and “shut up” aren’t good friends. That’s a problem if you are a spy, but she makes it work as a marketer.

Known for her “helium hand” (but she likes to call it leadership), Melanie is a past president of the Austin chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and a former board member for the Houston chapters of AMA and the Public Relations Society of America. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Houston and despises Texan stereotypes.

Leslie Garrett, Ph.D.

Leslie joined Edge Marketing more than 10 years ago. While she would fancy attributing her success in her work to being an accomplished bow hunter and avid angler, it is her insatiable drive to achieve more that has won the favor of clients and industry leaders. Despite her Ph.D. credentials, Leslie is approachable and has been labeled by some as being almost-human.

Leslie has more than 23 years of marketing, PR and senior account management experience. Although some may opt for death by fingernail clipper over conducting data analysis, Leslie relishes it and has honed her expertise as an industry researcher and analyst.

On weekends and in her spare time Leslie prefers to be off-grid with family and friends, in the woods or on the water.

Josie Johnson

Josie has nearly a decade of experience marketing technology and services to the legal community. She has spent a great deal of time creating and executing strategies for connecting with in-house counsel and GCs at F500 companies. Josie is a creative thinker who encourages clients to get out of their comfort zone and try something new to attract a wider and more engaged audience.

Josie has served in marketing leadership roles at three software companies serving the corporate legal and finance markets. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science and English from the University of Houston and lives in Houston with her husband and two kids. In her spare time, she attends little league games, listens to “Let it Go” and tries to squeeze in travel, wine and workouts!

Heather Jorgensen

When all of the other kids were aspiring to become astronauts, models or actors, Heather dreamed of creating successful marketing campaigns for legal technology companies (well, that or being a rock star). She joined Edge Legal Marketing in 2013, channeling two degrees and more than a decade of combined experience in both the private and public sectors into successful project implementation across a portfolio of accounts.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing on her patio She dislikes cold weather, vegetables of any kind and surprises.

She still thinks she’d make an excellent rock star.

Vicki LaBrosse

Vicki has been with the companysince 2007 and currently serves as director of global public relations. Not that anyone is counting, but she has more than 16 years of marketing and communications experience in both the legal and accounting industries. Vicki loves nothing more than to work with clients to develop and execute comprehensive PR and marketing strategies that will help grow their business and pay her mortgage.

A juggler by day, she manages and develops communications systems and processes that enhance the accuracy and timely flow of communication across the organization and facilitates collaborative working relationships within the press community. She rarely drops a ball.

In her previous life, she served as a cost accounting specialist where her core job responsibilities included analyzing, evaluating and reporting client marketing and conducting sales analysis. Vicki has extensive experience (and we mean extensive) functioning as a strategic liaison between clients and the leadership within her firm – and everyone still likes her.

Jennifer Marsnik

With Edge since it was founded in 2007, Jennifer Marsnik specializes in helping clients develop and implement strategic marketing plans that support their overall business goals. Because few clients have money trees, her approach begins with establishing specific, achievable objectives to ensure their marketing and PR activities are focused and purposeful to improve ROI.

Jennifer previously worked for LegalVoice and Harland Financial Solutions, where she consulted with financial institutions on marketing and public relations efforts. She worked more than 15 years in the trenches for a legal support services provider and in financial institutions, both of which provided her experience in professional services and the fundamentals of successful marketing.

Jennifer is a lifelong Minnesotan who tolerates the long, brutal winters only so that she can readily feed her obsession with Minnesota Twins baseball. She earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and currently resides in the Twin Cities area with her husband and two daughters.

Nicolle Martin

Nicolle Martin joined Edge Legal Marketing as a part-time, short-term gig in 2007. She quickly realized she was happy in this job and made it a much more permanent fixture in her life. Today she regularly helps her clients strategically plan and execute marketing and public relations activities that will help them achieve their goals and make them happy in their jobs.

Prior to joining Edge, Nicolle worked at Kroll Ontrack, where she most recently served as the director of marketing services and managed a team responsible for executing all marketing and public relations activity for both of the company’s product lines. In the way-back machine, Nicolle received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

Megan Miller

Megan brings over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry to Edge, including stints as a business analyst, brand manager, software and electronics hardware product marketer and startup software executive.

As a global technology fiend, Megan has built brands, trained teams and introduced successful products for global companies and startups in Seattle, Munich and Shanghai. A certified eDiscovery expert, Megan has written on trends and topics in electronic discovery, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things – before it was even called the Internet of Things. Her work has appeared in Attorney at Law, US Tech, TechnoLawyer, ACEDS and other industry publications.

When she’s not busy building a glowing aura around her legal technology clients, you can find her in an off-road spinning session or lifting weights in “chizzle,” because there’s strength in, er, strength.

Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts in international business from Pomona College and executive management certificates from Stanford University and the University of Washington. She stays active in the Seattle marketing and tech startup scene with GeekWire, WTIA and the Marketing Executives Roundtable. She is also a member of Women in eDiscovery.

Cindy Moen

In 2008, Cindy Moen left her marketing manager job at Kroll Ontrack on a leap of faith and without a real plan for employment. Within a month, she had been talked into joining Edge Legal Marketing and hasn’t looked back since. If she measured her years of legal technology marketing experience by the age of her oldest child, that experience could legally drive soon.

Her previous marketing experience predates her two boys, one husband (still married), two different houses, three different apartments, two dogs and countless hamsters and fish.

Cindy works with Edge Legal Marketing clients to help grow their business through thoughtful and well-planned marketing communications. Some clients bring Cindy into their fold as an integral part of their management team, and others need her to plan and execute specific marketing strategies. Name a marketing strategy or tactic, and without a doubt Cindy has worked on it over the years.

When she’s not working, she likes to run – and not just run boys to sports practices. Cindy has finished two marathons, 18 half marathons, five duathlons and many shorter races. She likes to think of herself as fast like a cheetah. But if you look up her times online, you’ll discover she doesn’t compete to end up on a podium.

Tanya Amyote

Tanya joined the Edge team in December 2016, as Marketing Assistant, database and Excel guru, and token Canadian.

With more than 20 years of experience prior to joining Edge, Tanya worked most recently for a software company, in marketing and sales support, and firm administration.

Tanya’s Edge teammates, and our clients, will benefit from her professionalism, interpersonal skills, and willingness to multi-task. She possesses a strong work ethic and handles her responsibilities with a can-do attitude… as long as she’s had her coffee.

Tanya can often be found in the Common Room of Ridley College’s Merritt South House, where she lives with her husband, Brian, who serves as Housemaster of 50 teenaged boys, in addition to their own young son, James.

Tanya is an avid reader, musician, and amateur photographer. She frequently volunteers and manages fundraising efforts for a local dog rescue and McMaster Children’s Hospital. Tanya, Brian, and James have two rescue pugs, Rosie and Harley.